1. Susan Bauter

    The birthday celebration was fun to see. We always lump various celebrations together because it is more fun for our family. Great to see the pictures

  2. OMMGGG there is too much goodness here!

    1. Her dress. Is that another Daddy-went-to-Harrods purchase? To die for pretty!
    2. I can’t believe how big she is. Like, what??
    3. Your mom was there! The best!
    4. A whole day of celebrating. I completely applaud you.
    5. That cake smash video! Oh Troy. Such an excellent cake smasher.
    7. I miss you three more than words can say. Reunion planning must commence.
    8. Carrie, you look so stinkin’ gorgeous!!
    9. I could keep going. Please note my self control for stopping here.


    • tomasikcarina

      Love your lists :) No Harrods dress this time – I think we can only afford that once every 5 (maybe 10??) years! ha. And I have a new appreciation for your Birthday Week tradition after celebrating one full day…not sure I could keep up with a week!!! Very impressive :) Miss you.

  3. Cindy Carlson

    Thanks for sharing a joyous celebration. So fun! Happy your Mom could be there to celebrate. Hope you are all doing well. I miss the Becker family! Please get in touch when you are in town. Would love to see you and meet “E”. Blessings, Carrie!

    • tomasikcarina

      Thanks, Mrs. Carlson! We did have a lot of fun, and it was nice to have my mom here for it. Would love to see you and introduce E when we’re back in town! Hope you are all doing well!

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