1. Lisa

    What wonderful adventures for you and your family….love reading about them and seeing the awesome pictures.
    Europe is such a beautiful continent to explore.

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      It is! We are so excited to be on this side of the ocean again and have the opportunity to explore new places here!

  2. Dianne Gile

    Loved reading of your fun time in Italy with family! I know it’s going to be hard for your mom and dad to leave Ella today….and of course you and troy too. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. You do such a great job of “bringing us into the moments”. Such a great time and place to explore and enjoy!

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      Thanks, Dianne! We’re definitely going through withdrawal now that my parents are gone…playtime and walks through the park will never be the same now that E’s been so spoiled by grandma and grandpa’s silliness!! :)

  3. GiGi

    It is so much fun to look at the pictures of our trip to Italy and remember the good time we had. Marcello and Massi were the quintessential tour guides. The photo of sweet Ella at the beach is a classic! Love y’all.

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