1. THIS. Oh there is so much goodness here. HE BOUGHT HER A BABY HARRODS DRESS?! I am dying at the glory. How very fahncy. She’s just getting all prepped to marry Prince George, that’s all. Isn’t Harrods across from Fortnum and Mason? Everything about this picnic and day in the park(s) just sounds absolutely magical. I like to pretend that we were there with you. So so lovely.

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      Oh, Prince George. Someday we’ll get the courage to ask him out on a playdate ;) I think Fortnum and Mason is just down the street from Harrods – I still need to make my way over there on of these days!

  2. tomasik.carina@gmail.com

    It IS wonderful, isn’t it?? I could spend a whole day there, I think! I’ll have to dig through my pictures and see if I can find a good one of the dress…sad to think she’s already outgrown it!

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