1. Jochen Becker

    Happy that mom and dad did not screw up taking care of the baby, happy you had a good time, nicely written and I would be around reading this, I would make sure to try a Crepe de Hampstead! Keep writing, J

  2. Dianne Gile

    Love your blogs, Carrie. You are so interesting to read, and I’m glad you had a chance to go out together! Fantastic evening it sounds like, and I would guess that your mom and dad had the most fun of all. Enjoy your time in London!

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      Thank you! I have no doubt they did have the most fun ;) Only too bad that E goes to sleep so early!!

  3. Ali Kershisnik


    I love reading about your adventures with Troy and E! Can’t wait until I can visit. Keep writing! It’s so fun to have this insight into life across the pond. Give my love to your sweet family!

    Love, Ali

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      Thanks for reading, Ali! Can’t wait for you to share some of your story and insights with everyone on here, too! Hoping to get my act together and move the blog forward soon :) Come visit!! Much love to you!

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