The Way We Roll

Getting around looks a little different for us these days. For the first time ever, we don’t have a car!  We went from owning 2 cars, to owning 1, to owning none and leasing 1, back to owning 2 and now to none, and I must say, there’s something freeing about not having one! We’ve rented out our parking space, and turned in our keys for 4 wheels of a different sort.  No more late night gas runs, maintenance costs, or, best of all, parking spots to search for. Ahhh.  In turn, we get extra exercise, fresh air, and a little test in creativity when it comes to getting the stroller – or to use my new English…”buggy”/”pram” – in and out the door or up and down the stairs!

Ok, so while I do really love not having a car, I may not always be as excited about our situation when it’s pouring down rain and we’re only halfway to Gymboree, the buggy cubby on the bus is full or I’m left to navigate the maze of tunnels and stairs of the Underground by myself with the stroller, but I try to remind myself of the endless benefits of walking, not to mention the alternative of being stuck in traffic…for me, not much is worse than being stuck in traffic! Another common motivator among the expats we’ve encountered here is “There’s no WAY I’m driving on the “wrong” side of the road!”

And, on days when I really can’t seem to face public transportation or wet feet, I simply hop on the computer for a little retail therapy or to order my groceries instead, since no matter how long or hard I walk,  I still won’t have enough hands to carry those bags home!



  1. Dianne Gile

    I agree with you, Carrie! I love walking here in JBR, and even though we aren’t dealing with the rain, we are dealing with the heat. I noticed that from the sweet, non-stressed look on Ella’s face, she’s not a bit particular about going up and down or riding in the rain. Nice you can have the groceries delivered. Have fun on your London adventure! Such a great time in your life.


      I think the heat – especially at your temperatures! – is much worse than the rain here. I’m not sure I’d ever come out in the summer! :) Thanks for reading!

  2. Jochen

    another reason to had not have a car … it is the way to make most out of that wonderful city you are in! And I like your spirit when things dont work out perfectly! Go Expat!

  3. I find it HILARIOUS that you guys had a car for two years that we didn’t – and now we actually have a car and you don’t! Oh, how the times have changed. But let’s be real – gas prices are the worst and not having a car is seriously so golden. Embrace it, my friend! And think about how you’re giving the Earth a green, carbon-less footprint! Wahoo!


      It is quite amusing! We do miss our car for all of the glorious day trips we got used to taking in New England, but otherwise, I couldn’t be happier! And you’re right – being green is another one of those fabulous benefits of not having a car. Oh, the list really could go on and on :)

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