1. Awwww thank you for writing this. We’ve discussed this before, but you wrote about your “home” paradigm so beautifully here. You will always be the one to define “home” in your home! Thank you for taking the time to visit us during your US tour :) We feel so lucky! Love you friend!

    • tomasik.carina@gmail.com

      Thanks so much Kristen! And thanks for always listening to me think out loud…you’re a saint! ;) Seriously. We LOVED seeing you guys. Nothing we would have rather done! Love you!

  2. Dad

    CareBear, never talked about this with you, but you just put tears in my eyes! Love your thinking and a tenderness in all that! You three are a great little family, and we love to be invited into your ‘home’ whereever you are, love, Dad

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